Flute Difficulty Guidelines





Very Difficult

Range -d' - d''' -c' - g''' -b - b''' or c'''' -b - f#''''
Key -up to 2 #s or flats -3 or 4 #s or flats -any key -any key
  -limited modulation -modulation to related -more extensive -frequent key changes
    keys modulation  
  -few accidentals -some accidentals -more accidentals -many accidentals
        -double #s and flats
Meter -4/4, 3/4, 2/4, 6/8 -2, 3 or 4 beats/bar -odd meters with reg- -any meter(s)
    -simple or compound ular accent patterns  
  -few meter changes -some meter change -changes of meter -frequent change
  -constant pulse -constant pulse -changes of pulse -complex relationships
        of pulse and meter
Dexterity -slow to medium -moderately fast -fast -very fast
    -limited runs -short runs -extended runs
  -no awkward changes   -large leaps -awkward changes
      -some alternate -alternate fingerings
  -no ornaments -simple ornaments fingerings -any ornaments
Rhythm -whole, half, quarter, -sixteenths -all note values -complex rhythms
  eighth -triplet eighths -dotted rhythms and rhythmic
  -dotted half, quarter -dotted 8th & 16th -triplets relationships
  -ties within bar -ties over bar line -subdivision of beat -frequent changes of
  -little pattern change -simple syncopation -more syncopation rhythm and/or tempo
Articulation -legato or staccato -more changes -frequent changes -rapid changes
  -small interval slurs -medium interval slurs -large interval slurs -any slurs
  -patterns of 2 or 4 -patterns of 3 slurred -various accents -any accents
  in simple time in simple time -double tonguing -triple tonguing
  -3 slurred in compound -2 slurred in compound    
Phrasing -short phrases -longer phrases -irregular phrases -long, high phrases
  -obvious breathing -fairly comfortable -quick breaths -not enough places to
  places breathing places necessary breathe
  -short piece -medium length piece   -long piece
  -frequent rests -some rests -rests in high passages -few rests
Dynamics -mp - mf -p - f -pp - mf (low) -full dynamic range
      -mp - ff (high) in all registers
  -few changes -many subtle changes -more contrast -extreme changes
  -changes not sudden -some sudden changes -many quick changes -many sudden changes
Special -key clicks -harmonics -easy multiphonics -difficult multiphonics
Effects   -small downward bends -larger pitch bends -extended glissandi
    -vibrato changes both up and down  
    -flutter tonguing   -articulation effects
    -unpitched vocals -pitched vocals -extensive effects use

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